Is lighting that important?

As long as your event is not outside and during the day, the addition of even minimal lighting can completely alter the look of your venue for the better. From lights that move all around and strobe to the new options in up-lighting in which lights set to colors are placed along the walls of your event location filling the room warm hues that are inviting and inspiring. Check out our blog on this exact subject and the what’s new in our lighting options.

Why should I add a photo booth?

A photo booth is an excellent way to create great moments that can be a keepsake held be your guests for a lifetime. A photographer has his place in catching “in the moment” shots and even some set-up ones, but our photo booths print pictures on the spot and come with accessories like hats, wigs, sunglasses, text bubbles, and various other props.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We only use top of the line professional audio and visual equipment. This equipment, unlike home equipment is road tested to travel, last and give the audience premium sound quality. From Pioneer and Serato, to Sure and Traktor, we only use the best. Even our DJ’s only use Music Dedicated MacBook Pro’s.

What happens if there is an equipment failure?

Electronic equipment is unlike instruments and what’s inside the DJ’s equipment machines might as well be Merlin himself conducting he show. Since we don’t know magic we make sure our equipment is tested before every show and in case of onsite equipment failure we carry a back-up system and even have an on-call roadie who is ready at a moments notice to make sure the night doesn’t end prematurely.

Do you travel?

Yes! Absolutely anywhere in the US, we have networks in the major cities like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida and we have equipment available in each location. Extra fees do apply and can be discussed with your booking agent.

What will the motivators and performers be wearing?

Unless, specified, performers wear an all-black combination, or are or if preferred they can coordinate their accent colors with the colors or theme of the party.

What time does the DJ arrive?

For Wedding and Mitzvah’s, depending on setup, call time is either an hour and a half to 2 or more hours before the event. All other mobile events with basic setup require a minimum of 1 hour setup time/ 1 hour before arrival time.

Weddings and Mitzvahs when is the planning meeting setup?

Planning is essential to the success of an event. You will receive a contract confirmation call a month before the event, and meeting is always scheduled to take place a month or two weeks before the event so that all of the final details are ironed out in person!

Is the music edited (clean)?

Yes, all of our music is edited and has been acquired by sites that specialize in clean music (beyond FCC radio editing) for sites like and

What makes one deejay company different from the next?

Talent and experience are the make-up of each company. Like snow flakes, talent can have many of the same attributes, but no artist is the same. Expect see to multi-media and/or to meet various talented people who very different from each other within the same company.

What is an interactive DJ?

An interactive DJ is someone that has the ability to deejay but who does not restrict himself to the Dj booth. Interactive DJ’s are vocal(only during lulls in the song currently playing or in between songs!), can lead dances and/or pas out giveaways, move through the crowd and instruct all while keeping the party going.

Do you take music requests?

Yes, but! Requests at the DJ’s discretion. Sometimes songs do not fit the moment or the Dj has something else planned to keep on schedule. DJ’s in this industry are professionals, and often times have been given a play list. Allow your DJ the time and space to show you why they are professionals at what they do.

What types, and how much of music does the DJ have?

Your DJ should have not only all of your requested music but should have the music that fits as a branch off of the music you have selected(Example: If you’ve requested some John Lennon, they should also have some Beatles with them as a branch of the music tree). You DJ should also have a DO NOT PLAY list so that the music you do not want is not played during your event.

What do the motivators do?

Motivators bring the energy and vibe kids and as well as adults need to really have fun. Yes they dance, but they also are an extension of the MC. The motivators can get the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ready for their big entrance while the DJ is in the room with the crowd. The motivators not only teach the new dances, but also give out prizes and giveaways. They are great way to help the star or stars of the event shine.

How loud is the music volume?

Music should be kept low as a default, any raises in volume should depend on the density of people on the dance floor and the comfort of the guests in the room. The best DJ’s listen to their sound from the audience’s perspective and are sensitive to their happiness.