Transform Any Room
Lighting isn’t just about choosing colors, it’s about setting a mood. Looking for a classy but modern look? Might we suggest a nice red and orange uplighting blend. Looking for all eyes on your cake or challah? We’ve got just the thing with pinspots. From bringing attention to (or away from) your event’s smaller details, to bringing the wow factor to your celebration, lighting can help make any space uniquely yours.
Our most popular option

Our uplights support hundreds of colors, and can be set to match the tone or theme of your event. Looking for a classic champagne color during dinner? We’ve got you covered. Looking for something a little more energetic during your toast? Might we recommend a nice blue and purple mix!

All of our uplights are battery powered, which means no ugly wires and flexibility to put them anywhere, even outside for evening events.

Wireless Lighting

All of our uplights are battery powered, meaning there’s no ugly wires to run.

Changing Themes

We only use lighting to complement your event, not distract from it, which means no flashing colors during dinner.

Hundreds of Colors

From Amber to Violet, our lights can be set to enhance any theme.

Dance Floor Lighting
The perfect compliment to any packed dance floor.

Matching the Mood

We strongly believe that lighting should complement an event, not distract from it. That means no strobes during dinner, and lighting designed to excite during the final hour.

Easy Wow-Factor

If you’re looking for something to get your guest’s attention, there are few ways better than a fully lit dance floor.

Matched to Music

Our lights support hundreds of colors, and are set to match the tone of the beat. That means slow fades during a slow dance, and exciting color chases during the final hour of the night.

Give that extra wow factor with your logo or name on your dance floor or entryway.

Decor and lighting can make an event unique, but we find that there’s something about monograms that make a space yours. Monograms are all about customization, and can be used to display your logo or name on any wall. It’s the perfect detail to get noticed by an entryway, or to serve as a classy backdrop for your first dance or hora.


We can convert an existing logo to a monogram, or our team of expert designers can create a new design for your event.

Crystal Clear

We use the latest in projection technology, which means we can display complex logos and designs without blurs or shadows.

Place it Anywhere!

We can change the size and placement of your monogram on-site to get the perfect effect for your event.